A work still in progress…

For the last, well let's just say many years or so, Bob has had the good fortune of working in many areas of the creative field. From humble beginnings as a fashion illustrator in Shreveport to his most recent role as VIce-President of Creative Services in Atlanta – he would say he has seen a lot, learned a lot and met some amazing people along the way.

After those early beginnings he moved on to a "baptism of fire" position at that granddaddy of all catalogs–The Horchow Collection. Eight Art Directors producing 64 catalogs a year from soup to nuts; what an amazing learning experience. Following that Bob worked for some of the finest retail agencies and companies in the country–Emergence, Sears and Michaels to name a few. Through all the catalogs, photo shoots, print ads, websites, email campaigns, TV commercials, and videos, he has learned that providing great strategy paired with sales-driven creative is the only way to measure success.

Over all this time one simple philosophy has served him well:
The customer always comes first.

Bob has had the pleasure of working with many amazing creative minds. He was mentored by some of the best–and has become a mentor. He loves to instill a sense of pride and ownership in the creative process and enjoys working with evolving designers–challenging them to stretch and grow.

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